Resources and Links

Resources and links to law enforcement, corrections or other interesting sites for further education, or just plain entertainment.

Blue Blogs Network Do you enjoy reading blogs by law enforcement, corrections and Dispatcher bloggers, but hate having to search far and wide for them? Blue Blogs Network was created by LE bloggers as a Facebook page to share all our posts on one location without having to search.

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14980572_194853934301843_57783585462898861_n Jack’s blog is a great blend of facts and info about Law Enforcement (especially in California) and amazing stories about his time in the Marines. If you want some real “No Shit” info on military and police matters, check this site out!

First Responder Fitness This site is extremely informative and is operated by Marc Hildebrand. Marc is a police officer and certified personal trainer who specializes in assisting current and future first responders with their fitness and nutritional goals. He knows the struggle of trying to lose weight while maintaining a busy lifestyle and insane shift work.

The Boogie Man Is My Friend This blog is written by Momma Fargo and is hilarious and insightful. Momma Fargo was nice enough to give an aspiring law enforcement blogger some valuable advice when I was first considering starting a blog. Her site was voted one of the top 50 law enforcement blogs on the net…check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Recruiting Academic and performance failures in the police academy are very high. LASD has a reputation for being one of the “hardest” academies in law enforcement. Make sure you are prepared! Check out their site for the helpful “How to Prepare” section which includes practice tests, physical ability test guide and more. While not all academies and processes are the same, this site still contains some good information!

PoliceOne The source for law enforcement articles, training, job listings and products. It also contains an excellent list of law enforcement blogs.

*Further links to follow*