About me

I am an 11 year veteran law enforcement officer for a medium sized department. I am on several of our special teams and am a Defensive Tactics and Use of Force Instructor currently assigned to Patrol.  I have worked in Corrections and the military prior to that.  I have gone through two different law enforcement academies, one corrections academy and undergone lots of training in and out of LE, Corrections and the Military.

I am very passionate about law enforcement, defensive tactics, martial arts and a variety of other (mostly nerd) subjects. Over the years, I have mentored numerous people into the Law Enforcement field and have developed a sort of template for real actionable tips, tricks and activities that will not only better educate a prospective employee (and the public), but will also help you to stand out above your peers.

This blog will also contain information that will greatly assist the FNG (Fucking New Guy) after being hired and during and after the Academy and through FTO (Field Training). The career of law enforcement is extremely rewarding, hilarious every single day, frustrating and occasionally extremely heartbreaking.  I only hope that some of the information provided helps assist those who are looking to start a career in law enforcement, or just be informed about the realities of the job.

*Disclaimers* All writings posted here are my opinions alone.  This blog is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency and my opinions are not condoned by them or reflect upon my employer in any fashion.

All stories have details changed slightly to obscure the location and the identities of involved parties.  Any real or perceived similarities to you or any of your family members are purely coincidental.

This is a blog dedicated to law enforcement, corrections, military and occasionally politically sensitive topics. I drop the f-bomb from time to time. If you cannot handle my sense of humor, sarcastic attitude, or foul language, I suggest you find another blog to visit. With that being said, welcome, thank you and feel free to comment upon my ramblings!